DURANanDURAN was initially started in 2010 and moved about the scene locally.  As is the way with bands it went through a few line-up changes until it settled on a 4 piece (with plastic Nick) and played all over the UK including selling out The Ferry in Glasgow whilst playing and headlining festivals such as Tribfest in England.

Unfortunately in late 2017 bass player and original founding member Billy had to retire from live music due to hearing issues.  The remaining members took this opportunity to shake things up and make some dramatic changes for 2018 and 2019.

After a short search, a new bass payer Gary was found and the big leap into keyboards was made at this point.  Alan came in to replace "plastic Nick" and this meant DURANanDURAN now mimicked the real thing with the classic 5 piece line-up.  Shortly after that a new vocalist and guitarist were recruited to improve the standard of the band, and boy did Michael and Daniel do that.  This new settled, happy line-up is the one to entertain you.

Armed with songs from the seminal debut tracks Planet Earth and Girls on Film, through the classics such as Rio, View to a Kill and Notorious and onto the later favourites such as All You Need is Now and Reach Up For The Sunrise, DURANanDURAN aim to give the gig goer an amazing experience of brilliantly re-created Duran Duran tracks from throughout the decades.


Daniel LeBon - Vocals

Alan Rhodes - Keyboards

Gary Taylor- Bass

Michael Taylor - Guitar

Paul Taylor - Drums and Backing Vocals


Diane Jardine - Backing Vocals

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